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Welcome to the Broken Heart Repair Kit, and 

NICE WORK  looking for a bit of back up during your break-up.


A broken heart is a terrible thing to try and navigate

The sad truth is that our society (as a whole) doesn’t recognize the debilitating impact of a break-up. If it did, people wouldn’t need to make up excuses or tall tales about why they need to cancel plans or take a few days off work in the aftermath. We are often, therefore, forced to put on a smile and a brave face and suffer through it

You don’t have to suffer through your break-up alone

When I was going through my divorce I also found that I simply wanted more support from someone who knew what I was going through and that I wanted to rely less on those close to me who were already lending so much help to me. I searched the internet and was actually pretty surprised to find a lack of resources for people going through break-ups. The break-up coach seed was sown.

This program is all about giving you daily support during the most tricky time of this experience and to encourage you onto the next chapter in your life.I have created the entire 14-day program in the hopes that you will develop habits and mindsets to get past the shock and kill-me-now phase and into the I’m-kicking-butt-now phase.

My promise to you as your break-up coach:

We all have different needs when it comes to how we process losing a romantic partner. I don’t know what your needs are and where you will be at the end of our 14 days together, but I can promise you that this custom crafted program is going to leave you better off than you were before you started.

If you are reading this it means that you are ready for some support, so why not get started? Click here for your membership, and start being a Break-Up Warrior now.

You’ve got this.

And I’ve got your back.



    • Two weeks of daily emails, each with a different theme.
    • Daily affirmations to assist you in remembering how strong you are.
    • Daily bits of advice, tips, tricks, and words of wisdom, all centered around the day’s theme.
    • “Homework” to aid you in processing the end of the relationship.
    • Daily resources to further support your healing journey.
    • Bonus PDF “Printables” for you to print and use in whatever way you’d like.
    • Ideas on how to begin to move on, all based on my personal research and more importantly, my personal EXPERIENCE with break-ups

Let’s do it!

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Supporting women who are going through break-ups to find confidence, healing, and courage to move to the next chapter in their lives.

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