Would you believe it if I told you that your breakup is an amazing time for learning and growth? Or that you have just been given an opportunity for amazing things to come into your life?

It’s true! A breakup is a fresh start. A chance to learn about:
-your past
-what you really want out of life
-who you are outside of a relationship
-what great company you are
-your relationship patterns
-what the next few years of your life will look like
-what you want out of love
-areas of your life or the way you relate to people that you want to work on
-the types of people you want in your life
-new hobbies and skills

TAKE advantage of this time! Go slow. Give yourself love. Experiment. LEARN. LEARN. LEARN.

Want support? Join the Ex-Philes FB community (Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On) or email me for coaching info.

And remember, you’ve been given a gift!

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