Break-ups suck, but your body doesn’t have to suffer. And a break-up diet doesn’t mean a juice cleanse. It means incorporating nourishing, feel-good delicousness into your meals.

While the standard cliché may be to go for the Häagen-Dazs and bottle of wine, it pays to be a lot more intentional with what you eat after a break-up. Given the impact that food is known to have on the body, mind, and soul; a little bit of attention to your choices can go a long way right now.

After a break-up, you may find yourself feeling unmotivated and lethargic. This can lead to bags of potato chips for dinner and some weight gain when you need it the least. You could experience days when you don’t feel like eating at all, or you may find yourself wanting to snack non-stop. Either way; now is the time to step up and take care of your body as much as your heart.

From feeding the mind to avoiding stress and even some treats to enjoy, here are seven suggestions for your post-break-up diet.

  1. Salmon with sides

A personally prepared salmon fillet with sides is the perfect dinner when you are feeling downtrodden. It’s simple to make, satisfying, and packed full of feel-good nutrients.

Salmon is stuffed to the brim with omega-3 fatty acids, which continue to be studied for their ability to ease depression. Are you familiar with serotonin and its impact on the brain? It is commonly believed that omega-3s make the chemical easier to pass through your body and multiply — exactly what you need right now.

Grilling a salmon fillet only takes about 10 minutes, and placing it on the plate next to some hearty sides just makes a person feel accomplished. This alone is going to help get you through the night. Try some quick brown rice, a baked sweet potato, or a bag of premade salad to accompany.

  1. Dark chocolate

I doubt that chocolate needs much of an introduction when it comes to its appearance on a list of foods to include in a post break-up diet, but I’ll do my best to put your mind at ease about keeping it on the menu for the time being.

Besides the well-known feel good reaction that the body has to a nice chocolate treat (chocolate is also known to aid serotonin production), cacao is packed with antioxidants. Loading up on antioxidant-rich foods is crucial right now as it will help your body become more resilient to stress and the impacts it has on your well-being.

Please make sure to note: this DOES NOT apply to milk chocolate, which is mostly harmful sugars and fats. Find pure dark chocolate too bitter? Don’t fret; high-quality dark chocolate from 70% and above includes the beneficial components.

  1. Organic popcorn (stovetop only!)

Whether you’re staying in for a girl’s movie marathon, cleaning out your apartment post-break-up, or simply enjoying a self-care day, a hearty snack needs to make an appearance.

When air-popped and kept butter-free, pure popcorn is low in calories and high in satisfaction []. When fresh and hot it’s the perfect way to add a special touch to your movie night and when tossed in a baggie with some nutritional yeast it’s a great snack to enjoy on a weekend road trip or a long hike.

Popcorn is easy to make on the stove, though there are steps to follow to ensure that you get it just right. Use coconut oil as your base and experiment with your favorite healthy seasonings for a filling, no-guilt treat.

  1. Wine spritzers

While some may suggest that you stay away from alcohol during this time, I am a bit more realistic when it comes to dispensing break-up advice. I also believe in not putting harsh restrictions on one’s self after a break-up (save the juice cleanse for another time!), so if a drink or two feels pleasurable, by all means, go for it, but keep it moderate.

One way to enjoy cocktails without too much fallout is to select drinks that are high in water content. This allows you the indulgence and the relaxing enjoyment without hangovers or weight gain and lessens the chances of making those regretted late night calls and texts. Think vodka sodas with a grapefruit wedge, or perhaps more decadent, a refreshing wine spritzer. Who knows, you may even end up with a brand new signature drink.

To prepare the perfect wine spritzer, make sure all ingredients are nicely chilled prior to use. Then, using your best wine glasses (any type will do for a spritzer), fill halfway with a standard white wine or rosé (save the expensive bottles for your next dinner party). Next, add 3-4 ice cubes and top with soda water. Garnish with the citrus of your choice and sip away.

  1. Morning eggs

Some consider eggs to be brain food, while others swear by their stress-reducing ability. I like them because they give me a boost of energy. What I didn’t always consider, however, is the fact that eggs are full of vitamin D, aka, the sunshine vitamin.

Sunshine is commonly known to improve the mood and those suffering from illness are often advised to get more if it, along with fresh air. This is because of the healing properties of vitamin D. Why not make sure to eat some as well to boost your mood (the thought of eating the sunshine vitamin sounds happy as well!).

While eggs alone are packed with the good stuff, they are often paired with greasy, carb-filled sides and sometimes end up doing more harm than good. Avoid this by scrambling two eggs with a dash of olive oil and tossing half an avocado on top. For a heartier option slice soft to hard-boiled eggs onto some whole grain toast and sprinkle with sea salt.

  1. Premade soups

Whether you lose your appetite after a break-up or find yourself wanting to snack even more, you’ve got to keep the nutrition coming in, and soup is an easy and nurturing way to do it. Supermarkets these days are loaded with fresh, organic, and healthy options to simply warm and serve. Cauliflower cashew; kale, quinoa, and vegetable; and coconut pumpkin are just a few I’ve spotted recently.

Besides the fact that healthy soups (strong emphasis on the ‘healthy’ part) help to make sure you get a nutritious meal, they are clearly easy to prepare and will leave you feeling content. Pair your bowl with a dollop of Greek yogurt or some toasted corn tortillas and you’ve got the perfect go-to dinner for those days that come with a lot of struggle.

When it comes to healthy comfort, you can’t go wrong with soup. Make sure you’re stocked up.

  1. Tea instead of coffee

While it may be extra soothing to have that done-just-right latte in the morning when you’re trying to build up the courage to face the world, reserve coffee for the early hours for the time being. When consumed during times of stress, coffee can lead to increased anxiety, lack of clarity, difficulty making decisions, and most detrimental right now, trouble falling asleep.

Try trading in follow-up cups of coffee for a high-quality herbal tea. It is commonly known that herbal teas have a calming effect, and some varieties also boost the strengthening of the immune system, cognitive benefits, and even lowering of depression. Chamomile, sage, and rosehip are soothing varieties to start with.

While it’s always good to be intentional about your food choices, you may find that paying special attention to simple, healthy healing is going to make a massive difference in your post-break-up journey. Who knows — you may even find your body feeling more refreshed than ever when you need it most.

Want more break-up support?

A conscious but flexible break-up diet is a great start. Want to prepare even more for kick-assery once this is all behind you? Check out my coaching support or contact me for a free chat on working with me.

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