I have always been drawn to the concept of the “Divine Feminine” or “Goddess energy.” Something about both has just always made sense to me. Has been intriguing. As an adult, I surrounded myself with other women who had the same interest and loved the juicy feeling that I would get when spending time with them. For a few years, I kept up the good company and the idea of the Divine Feminine close to me but didn’t explore it as a spiritual practice too deeply.

After my divorce, I worked with a life coach to help develop strategies and next steps as I started my life over. One of the many great things that she did during our work together was to send me The Goddess Oracle cards by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto. I decided to use them as a part of my morning routine, and I LOVED the experience. Each morning I would pull a card, read a bit about the particular Goddess, and then infuse my day with her energy. One particularly powerful experience was discovering the Egyptian Goddess Nut who represents uncertainty. I have worked with her during life transitions ever since.

Working with Goddess energy looks different for everyone. It is also a vast area of study and it can be easy to get lost when getting started. It can be a powerful tool to add to your healing journey, so I’ve done a bit of leg work for you and selected five Goddesses that may help you after a break-up. I would love to know what you think and how you incorporate any of these ideas. Good luck, Goddess.

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Corn Woman – Nourishment 

You need nourishment of all types after a break-up, especially for your body and physical well-being. Watching what you eat, drinking more water, and adjusting your meals to be easy, nutritious, and enjoyable will all benefit your healing journey.

Corn is worshipped as a Goddess by Southwestern indigenous communities of North America. As a Goddess, Corn Women includes all feminine aspects of the worship of the plant that was so central to life. She represents nourishment, abundance, and health. Her support can help you to enjoy caring for your body and being mindful of how you are treating it.

Affirmation: When I care for my body, the rest falls into place.

Resources for working with Corn Woman: 

What To Eat During Your Break-up

Daily Goddess: Corn Woman

Sacred Corn Mother Chant 

Corn Mother Pinterest Board

Pachamama – Healing 

Pachamama is a Peruvian Goddess, where nature is worshipped in her many forms. As in other parts of the world and in many traditions, the earth is seen to have healing qualities. In traditions that worship Pachamama, she is honored before harvest to ensure plenty. During a break-up, her energy can be used to encourage you to enjoy the healing power of being outdoors. Whether taking a long walk in a city park, enjoying a few hours on a beach, or buying new houseplants for your apartment, nature soothes the heart and soul.

Affirmation: When I enjoy the healing qualities of nature, my soul is nourished

Resources for working with Pachamama: 

Walking is Essential to Your Break-up Success

Pachamana Pinterest Board

Pachamama: August 1: A Day to Honor the Great Mother Goddess 

Song: Pachamama by Beautiful Chorus 

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Demeter – Feelings, emotions 

Demeter is a Greek Goddess whose story includes going through a period of severe grief after her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld. Having her energy and presence during your break-up will help to remind you that it is okay to FEEL the FEELS. You may use her presence to remind you to feel into your journaling or to allow yourself time to cry as you release the relationship. Remember: to fully move on you must process, release, and allow time for healing.

Affirmation: Today, I embrace, listen to, and learn from my feelings.

Resources for working with Demeter:

Demeter Goddess Pinterest board (includes symbols of Demeter)

Playlist: Broken Heart Repair Kit: It’s Okay to Grieve

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Lilith – Power

Many of you will know the story of Lilith and how she is believed to have been the first wife of Adam before she was replaced by Eve. Refusing to lay under Adam during sex, she was banished. Sadly, because of this move on her part, she has been viewed as a demon in some religious traditions.

I don’t see Lilith that way and think that her kick-ass feminine energy might be just what some women need after a break-up. It’s time to stand up for what YOU want. What YOU need. How YOU want your future relationships to look. What better Goddess to call in?

Affirmation: I am a strong, capable, independent woman.

Resources for working with Lilith:

The Goddess Lilith: Reclaiming Women’s Power and Survival 

Lilith Pinterest Board

Playlist: Broken Heart Repair Kit: It’s Time to Kick-Ass

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Nut – Mystery 

I guess I’m saving the most personally significant Goddess for last. I discovered Nut after my divorce when I first began working with The Goddess Oracle. I was VERY much living in limbo and unsure about what was going to come next. I was living in a pretty cheap and soulless apartment and just felt FLAT a lot of the time. However, I did my morning meditation and pulled a card each morning.

One morning I pulled the Nut card. The ritual suggestion was to visualize a spiraling staircase in the sky with Nut encouraging you onward. Although not able to see what is ahead, you feel Nut’s presence and strength and have courage. When you reach the top of the staircase you are embraced by Nut and her love and are able to embrace any uncertainty you have in your life.

Wow. I can’t tell you how much this resonated with me and how often I have gone back to that warm and glittery place with Nut. Being able to embrace uncertainly has allowed me to step forward into some important life transitions, including my most recent move to a brand new city. She may be just what you need on your healing journey.

Affirmation: I trust the process.

Resources for working with Nut:

Nut Pinterest board 

15 minute guided meditation to find peace in uncertain times

Goddess energy: Where to begin

Not sure how to begin working with Goddess energy? Don’t overthink it. Your actions can be as simple as finding an object that represents the Goddess and putting it somewhere to see every day. Or perhaps playing a song in the morning that reminds you of the Goddess and her energy. Whatever you decide I welcome you to be in touch with me to let me know what you’ve come up with or to tag me on Instagram. If you get stuck please feel free to send me a DM and I’ll be happy to help with an idea or two.

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