I’ve got more big news! I am now one of the co-hosts of the Ex-Philes podcast with the lovely Clair Lofthouse of heartbreakglowup.com. Eeeek! We are a month and a half into things and having such a blast.

Clair and I have been working diligently to come up with a podcast format that will be supportive to anyone going through a break-up, fun, and informative for anyone who is navigating a broken heart. I hope that you will not only listen but also let me know what you would like us to talk about.

I have wanted to do a podcast for about five years but always felt that I wanted to have a co-host (I love banter!). So when I met a fellow break-up coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy who was about to move to Denver AND mentioned that she was a big podcast fan, I got an intuitive hit to reach out. It is truly a great partnership and I  work with Clair to reach people who could benefit from our crazy experiences with break-ups and our unique approaches to healing.

Ready to listen? Head over to Spotify and put it on!

Here’s what you can expect from The Ex-Philes:

-A look into our stories and things that we did right and wrong during break-ups.
-Details about our views on processing, healing, and moving past a broken relationship and/or broken heart.
-Fun! We are already doing happy hour episodes and also plan to tell a sob story or two along the way that we are now able to laugh about.
-Advice! Clair and I are both life coaches and work with women to create positive transitions in their life. We look forward to sharing what we know about moving on with power.
-Guest interviews.
-And more

We would love to hear from you about what you would like us to cover or talk about! DM me on IG or contact me here to make a topic request.

Want to listen in? Follow and binge listen here.

Stay tuned for more!

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