If you’re anything like me or most of the people I speak with, after a break-up or broken heart you may enjoy a nice a juicy incubation period. This may involve keeping close to home, UberEats, and lots of tv time.

I think it’s important during this period to be fairly selective about what you expose yourself to. Because relationships are such a universal topic, it makes up perhaps the majority of subjects for entertainment, and the wrong sappy love story can be detrimental to your healing. On the other hand, watching an inspiring or uplifting movie can get you tapping your feet and ready to kick this break-up in the butt.

I’ve created the following list of best break-up movies that I believe are perfect to watch during your broken heart healing. I’ve watched every single one myself and can personally recommend them, either for ass-kicking inspiration, single life celebration, or a bit of fun.

I’d love to know what you think of my list!

-Julie and Juliette

This film is a great watch for so many reasons, most of all the fact that it features two spunky, creative women who revel in taking matters into their own hands. It’s a clever, feel-good flick that will get you thinking about your next big project.


Hear me out! I recommend Beaches because it is sentimental enough to let you have a little cry when you’re feeling vulnerable, but filled with enough ‘ladies-doin’-it-for-themselves’ vibes to leave you full of faith in friendship over romance.

-Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Not only did this movie get me giggling one night when I really needed it, it has a super positive Screw You component for anyone dealing with a break-up.

-He’s Just Not That Into You

I love the multi-plot format of this film and the phenomenal cast (I have an undying Drew Barrymore crush). While the title might suggest otherwise, the film is a great break-up movie, and the ending will convince you! This is definitely a super fun film for all the single ladies.

-Thelma and Louise

Need I say more?


I love this movie for hard times because of the overall message of staying open to the many possibilities in life that haven’t even presented themselves yet. I happen to have watched it for the first time right after I separated from my ex-husband and found myself hopeful and curious about my future. Plus, it’s a joy to watch and quite pleasing to the eyes.

-Marie Antoinette

I ALWAYS watch this movie when I’m feeling lackluster about life. Regardless of any historical inaccuracies you may find (and I’m happy to dish with you about them), this film is an optical delight and jam-packed with stunning scenes and costumes that never get boring. It’s especially fun with a couple of bottles of wine and the inevitable girls-night-in you will have having sometime soon.

-Fried Green Tomatoes

Total no-brainer break-up movie if you ask me! I think this classic pretty much ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a great break-up movie. Strong women, new beginnings, great story-telling, and revenge plots. What more do you need?

-First Wives Club

Now I understand that this might seem like a bit of an obvious choice, but this movie just feels good when you’re mad at a former partner. Plus, it’s Bette Midler in what I might consider her prime, yes please!


This movie is so full of all the feel-good feels that it must go on your list of flicks to watch during your ice cream, wine, tissues, Pringles, and UberEats nights in following your break-up. From the strong women taking charge to the celebration of chocolate treats to the multiple fresh start story lines, this is one of my top recommendations for any and all occasions. Just put it on.

Want even more great ideas for the best break-up movies? Check out part two!

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